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Foley's Balloon Catheter

- Siliconised smooth surface for non-traumatic intubation
- Catheters are made from natural latex rubber.
- The distal end is closed by a special process and coned with two burr-free eyes to prevent the risk of injury and encrustation.
- Provided with ultra-thin highly elastic balloon capable of expanding symmetrically for retroflexion in the bladder.
- The hard plastic valve permits secure connection with commonly used syringe nozzles for inflation/deflation and are proved to be
more efficient than soft rubber/valves.
- Also available in 100% silicone Elastomer.
-For sizes 8 FR to 26FR, smaller balloon capacity is also available
on customer requirement.
- Sterile Individually packed in peelable blister pack.
- Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic/Single use

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