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Endotracheal tube.jpg


- Used to maintain a patent airway and  mechanically
__ventilate patients
- Made from non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade clear __PVC
- Kink resistant, thin-walled, thermo-sensitive tube that
__softens at body temperature
- Smooth inside and outside surfaces for ease in
__intubation, extubation and suctioning
- Smooth polished murphy eye, distal end and tapered
__balloon end for atraumatic
__intubation and extubation

- Kink resistant inflation tube to ensure patient safety __during cuff inflation and deflation
- Radio opaque line and markings provided to facilitate
_-identification of tube postion
- Universal 15 mm connecter at proximal end
- E.T.O Sterile and Pyrogen free. For single patient use

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