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Infusion therapy

With a track record of consistent, proven results in the healthcare industry, and quality certified by ISO, CE and USFDA 510k, Disposafe Health and Life Care offers a complete range of high quality infusion products, with our latest Ultra-sharp-technology, now known for our quality and clinical effectiveness. Click here to view our certifications.

IV Cannula (IV Catheter)


Disposafe Tele IV Cannula

Disposafe α safety IV Cannula

Disposafe Ann IV Cannula

Disposafe β safety IV Cannula 

Dispoway IV Cannula

Dispoway α IV Cannula

Tri-way Cath IV Cannula

PenCath IV Cannula

DispoNEO IV Cannula

DispoNEO Safety IV Cannula

Master Vet IV Cannula

Dispowing IV Cannula

IV Infusion Sets


Disposafe Scalp Vein Set

3-Way Stopcock and Extension Lines


DispoPlus Extension Tube with 3-Way 


DispoEX Extension Tube


DispoPrick Hypodermic Needle

DispoInject Injection Stopper

Dispoinject Injection Stopper

IV Fixator