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- Universal Type - Thumb Control - Finger Tip Control -Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic/Single Use -DEHP free tube

suction cath logo.png

- Suction Catheter is a long flexible tube which is used in
--intensive case to remove secretion from
--the mouth and airways of critically ill patients.

-This catheter is connected to a collection
--container and a device that generate suction.
- Manufactured from Non-toxic, DEHP Free PVC.
- Universal color coded funnel connector for size
--identification and secure conection with
--Suction connector.
- Distal end is open with one lateral eye to avoid trauma
--during suction of oral-bronical secretion.
- Frost finished or clear tube along with traumatic eyes
--for smooth incubation
- Graduated marked for correct position of catheter.
- Length 50 cm
- Available size:8 FG to 20 FG
- Straight peel open pack


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