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DispoPrick Hypodermic Needle

Universally compatible Hypodermic Needle with transparent needle cover. 

Basic Product Features
  • It is used for Intradermal injection, subcutaneous injection, Intramuscular injection, Intravenous injection.

  • The sharp tip enables needles to penetrate tissue smoothly with minimum trauma.

  • Needle available in all the gauges with regular bevel.

  • The needle hub is colour-coded with standard 6% taper and lugs to enable compatibility with all syringes.

  • Hub is colour-coded for instant identification.

  • Assembled on fully automatic line.

  • Every needle tip is checked by high resolution vision camera using AI Vision technology

  • Every needle is siliconized by best silicon solution from U.S.A

  • Every needle is checked for bonding with hub.

  • Transparent needle cover.

  • Cannula is made of S.S. 304

  • OPTIONS AVAILABLE - Soft blister/Bulk Pack

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