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Stitch Cutters
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Stitch Cutters

Used Sterile, available in 3 sizes, standard, medium and long. Used for cutting sutures, stitches in ERs, out-patient clinics, and by GPs. Available with or without disposable handle.  



Available in Stainless Steel (Grade F as per ISO 7153-1:1999) and Carbon Steel (BS 2982:1992).

  • Offers the superior slicing advantages of SS cutting technology

  • Available with both CS and SS blades in all sizes.

  • The Consistent precision, sharpness and control that Surgeons expect.​

  • Fitment complies with ISO 7740:1985.

  • Hardness complies with BS 2982:1992.

  • Packed in peel open Al foil pouches with a VCI protective inner lining.

  • Sterile (R) 

  • Shelf Life 5 yrs 

  • ​​Not made with natural rubber latex

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